Greeting Card Stand 48

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Greeting Card Stand 48 This stand holds 48 designs in a landscape pocket, and each pocket can comfortably hold a dozen cards. The stand is the shape of a twenty pence piece and is aprox. 14 inches across at it's widest point.The cage is plastic coverd wire (white) and the main pole is red. The five piece feet which are fitted with castors for easy movement is black in colour. Delivery comes direct from the manufacturer in a strong cardboard box, and takes just a minute or so to assemble, no tools are required. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery. 6 x 1/2 dozen cards (36) are supplied free of charge with this stand with a Recommended Retail value of £57.60 PLEASE NOTE,THE STAND PRICE IS DISCOUNTED AND FULL STOCKING IS PART OF THIS OFFER. ie 48 minus 6 free designs = 42 ordered

stand 48

£ 85.00