Skipper Hits 250mph


Skipper Hits 250mph


The painting features scene on Daytona Beach, Florida on February 5th 1931 as Malcolm Campbell sets a new land speed record of 246.09 mph in his Napier Lion powered Bluebird. On one of his two timed runs in either direction to set the record, Campbell achieved a speed in excess of 250mph for the first time. Campbell took Henry Segrave’s ‘Golden Arrow’ record on that day and was knighted by King George V in recognition of his record breaking achievements.

The painting features the Bluebird at speed alongside a low flying Stinson SM2 ‘Junior’ aircraft used by ?Pathe News? to record the event, the American high wing monoplane aircraft had a top speed of just 138mph, so it would have soon been overtaken by Bluebird on its record run.

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