The Wonder of Woolies by: Robin Pinnock

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The Wonder of Woolies Sadly now gone from our High Streets across Britain. This highly popular and loved store sold everything from broken biscuits to Wool and stationary and much more. Such was the popularity of the stores, Town Councils would write to Woolworths asking them to set up a shop in their town. I suspect that every family has a story to tell about Woolworths,  in my case the 2/6d cowboy set in the 1950's that included flared trousers, waistcoat, hat and guns, my mother said "You will have to save up your pocket money if you want it" and i did at 6d a week, imagine my sorrow when the shop assistant told me that they had sold out weeks ago. It did come right in the end though, this is were my girlfriend worked when she was sixteen, we have now been married for 40 years and she cost nothing at all.-----well maybe just a little! The print is open edition and the image is aprox. 15 x 12 inches. When mounted it will fit into a 20 x 16 inch standard frame


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